“Thank you so much Heena for steering me in the right direction. After being stuck in a situation for seven years, you made me see how important I am. It was time for ME. I have made changes to better my life, thanks to you. I am now the happiest I have been in a very very long time and things are moving the way they should have seven years ago.

I appreciate everything you have done for me.”

Kat Fugill, Parramatta, Australia

“Dear Heena,

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa.

I am Kendyl’s dad and have heard about your work with Kendyl from both Tom and Kendyl herself.

Let me thank you firstly for taking the time to help Kendyl work through things and especially helping her to focus and plan. Kendyl’s mails of late have impressed me tremendously as I see a new maturity level in the content and a drive that has been lacking for some time. All these positive traits are a reflection of the constructive part you have played in bringing Kendyl to this point.

I am overjoyed that Kendyl has decided to return home as I missed her beyond description.”

Ian, Johanesburg, South Africa


“I was for a long time stuck in a job which I never liked.  Life was monotonous and also very stressful.  Paying the bill was the only priority I had and not having enough money at the end of the month to treat myself.   Life was an uphill struggle and my future seemed bleak.

One day as I was browsing on the internet looking for sites on self help I came across Heena.
Heena was amazing! We skyped and spoke often on Fb.  She was remarkable,   her guidance and advice helped me to overcome my self defeating and negative thoughts with easy step by step guidance.  Not only was she supportive Heena was a fantastic person to get along with.

By means of her help I have found a new approach to my life. A different technique of thinking.
With Heena advice and guidance I have taken a leap into self employment.  I now have high self esteem of myself.  I am confident and really beginning to enjoy my life.  I love my new business and grateful for everything I have.

Heena really has helped me to overcome all my fears and without doubt she can change yours!”

Mizan Rohman, Birmingham, UK


“I chose Heena as a coach because she had skills and techniques that would help move the blocks that were stopping me from my true potential. When I talked to Heena for the first time she identified, through the language I was using the best technique to use for me. I was a little skeptical that the technique would not work, as none had worked before. However I agreed to have some sessions with Heena.  She used a number of techniques, and there was one very powerful technique where I felt the shifts within me almost instantly after the process. Then there was this unforgettable charge of energy go through me. Before our session had finished I told Heena I wanted to be the top sales person at work.

On the Monday when I went to work I made 2 of the biggest sales ever. One sale was for 75 units and another was for 9 units. I also felt very confident, like I could achieve anything and I did. I am grateful to Heena and her professional approach to coaching. She has excellent skills and techniques that will make a difference to others.

Thank you Heena.”

Yvonne Skudder, Sydney, Australia.


“It is a pleasure to work with Heena as my coach. I appreciate Heena’s support and commitment to my progress and I am enjoying the discovery of my purpose, experiencing playfulness in the unfolding of my path. Heena has the ability to see the wood from the trees and help me find clarity when I have been experiencing confusion. She brings patience and gentle understanding to guiding me to unravel my own challenges. She is skilful in helping me pinpoint the underlying limitations I have created to hold myself back and then supporting me to create new choices about the future I wish to develop. Heena’s humour and genuine delight as the unfolding of new pathways and options inspires me to be creative and see life as an adventure. I am applying my learning to developing my own enterprise and am moving forward each week towards fulfilling my goals. It is quite magical.”

in gratitude

Anitra Morgana, Australia