Who’s Right and who’s Wrong?


"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." --T S Elliot Have you ever been so consumed by your own rules and beliefs that you didn't even stop to consider how your actions or words affected others? Whether your actions hurt them or inspired the best/ worst in them? Have you watched the film Philomena (out in 2013) or read the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee ? Today's blog is … [Read more...]

Where is God’s Perfection?

God's Perfection

The Rio 2016 Olympics has come to end with a spectacular closing ceremony!  All athletes are heading back to their home countries to a roaring celebration for their effort, tenacity, resilience and for being and giving the best of themselves!  Years of preparation for a couple of weeks of competition to determine who is the world best.  No feat for the weak. And around the corner is the Paralympics!!  If you thought the Olympic athletes where tenacious, strong in both body and mind, what … [Read more...]

Life’s Journey

Journey of Life

Life is like a journey on a train.. with its stations.. with changes of routes.. and with accidents..   We board this train when we are born and our parents are the ones who get our ticket. We believe they will always travel on this train with us. However, at some station our parents will get off the train, leaving us alone on this journey. As time goes by, other passengers will board the train, many of whom will be significant - our siblings, friends, children and … [Read more...]

The Magnificence of a Mother


Mother The young mother set her foot  on the path of life.  'Is this the long way?' she asked.  And the guide said: 'Yes,  and the way is hard  And you will be old before  you reach the end of it..  But the end will be better  than the beginning.'  But the young mother was happy,  and she would not believe  that anything could be better  than these years.  So she played with her children,  and gathered flowers for them along the way,  and bathed them in the clear streams;  and … [Read more...]

Starting Over

Beautiful Butterfly

  Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly! A creepy crawly caterpillar one day decides to lock itself into a cocoon for weeks, even months. Thus beginning its journey to transform and re-emerge into the world as a beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar has to let go… let go of its old body and characteristics that made it a caterpillar to then fully emerge with gorgeous wings which carry its slight body up, up and away, fluttering from flower to flower … [Read more...]

Divorce = Death


Divorce equates to Death! Death of your life as you know it. Death of your marriage. Death of your support person, your friend, your confidant and your lover. Death of your family unit. Death of your social circle. Death of your big bright shiny future. Death of your identity of - "Wife". Death of your confidence and self-esteem. Death of certainty and stability. Death of love and connection. Whoa!  A bit harsh you say? Well, it's true isn't it?  Your entire world as you know … [Read more...]

Overwhelmed by Divorce Proceedings?


Here is a step by step outline of what to do and how to apply for a divorce ... if you are 110% sure that divorce is the way to go and you have exhausted all avenues to reconcile, repair or heal your marriage.   How to Apply for Divorce in Australia --By Aussie Divorce The Family Law Act 1975 (FLA) is the governing law for divorce in Australia. The FLA established the principle of “no-fault divorce” which means that the court will not be looking into the reasons for the divorce. The … [Read more...]

Help Your Children Cope

How to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce – By Aussie Divorce Divorce is difficult for families. The situation especially becomes more distressing when children are involved. However, divorce should not be seen as a tragic affair that would lead to the ruin of young lives. Many children who are products of divorced parents are found to excel as well as children of married parents. The ability of the family to cope with the divorce depends a lot on how the parents handle themselves and their … [Read more...]

How to have an Everlasting Rich and Fulfilling Relationship


A profound observation and perspective by divorcee Gerald Rogers on Marriage... Although written by a man for men... women can take heed from this advice too.   A relationship is 2-way stream. Gerald has summed it all up quite nicely. What are your thoughts?  Would love to see what you think about this advice and if it can be helpful in improving your relationship...   MARRIAGE ADVICE I WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD by: Gerald Rogers   Obviously, I’m not a relationship … [Read more...]

3 Simple Steps to Financial Empowerment – Step Three

Save-Pay Yourself First

Step 3: Money Management The third step is vital to ensure you working smarter and not harder to amass your wealth. When you don’t have a plan or system to manage your money, it goes out quicker then it comes in.  In most cases, 70% to 90% (if not 110%) of your income is used to pay your bills and or debt leaving you with very little for the rest of the month ... Having more month left at the end of your money... Pay yourself first! Most wealth experts talk about “pay yourself first”.  … [Read more...]