Because life, circumstances and situations caused her to start over many times in her life – from financial disaster, grieving the loss of a child, moving countries (twice) and rebuilding her relationship with her hubby – Heena ventured on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

In her pursuit to find the deeper meaning of life and true lasting happiness, Heena ventured on a journey of self discovery and personal growth.

She studied various personal and financial development gurus and leaders that have led her to be armed with unique tools, strategies and technologies, to peel away layer upon layer of dis-empowering “shit” like limiting beliefs, debilitating fears, uninspiring decisions and misalignment of values and purpose.  This allowed her to discover who she is at her core, realising her true potential – enabling her to reconnect with herself, take back control and take charge of her life.

Heena has now embarked on a mission to assist women across the globe to become aware of their own potential, lift their game, Be Empowered, take back control and WIN THE GAME OF LIFE!

“Believe it and you shall see it ….. Helping women to Be Empowered, to be a shining light and an inspiring role model completely fulfils me.  Venture outside your little box and take a FUN-filled journey in making Your Dreams a Reality!” –Heena

Heena’s principle is simple:

Only one thing has to change for us to get the results in life – Where we focus our attention.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to share, educate and empower individuals propelling them to take charge and live life on their terms bringing their biggest and wildest dreams to fruition.

Our vision

Our vision is to align individuals to their full potential of their higher selves so they are brighter beacons of light, love, laughter and empowerment for themselves and future generations. 

Our mission

Our mission is to reconnect individuals to their playful and fun-loving nature by empowering them with tools and resources to brightly shine their inner magnificence thereby unconsciously giving the individuals in their lives permission to shine their own magnificence without hesitation or hindrance.